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Postdoctoral Positions: Griffith Lab at Brandeis

The Griffith Lab is seeking postdoctoral researchers to take a lead role in understanding the relationship between memory formation and sleep. Possible projects focus on 1) understanding the changes in circuit dynamics that occur after learning and how they are affected by sleep history, using an ex vivo calcium imaging/electrophysiology preparation, 2) understanding the molecular cascades underlying microRNA regulation of sleep and their effects on brain circuits using behavioral and molecular tools.

Requirements: PhD in Genetics, Neuroscience, Molecular or Cell Biology or related field. The position requires the ability to work effectively and independently to design and carry out experiments using behavioral, cell biological, imaging and/or electrophysiological assays.

Brandeis has a vibrant Life Sciences community and a strong commitment to postdoctoral training, including a two-year, NINDS-sponsored program “Quantitative Neuroscience: From Genes to Behavior”


If you are interested, please email Leslie Griffith ( and include your CV, statement of your research interests and professional goals, and names and contact information for 3 references.

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